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Friday, February 17, 2012

No it's not my Birthday

Getting older happens to everyone
 It's just one of those things you have no control over
 a year goes by and guess what... you're another year older

So now that I'm barely in my 50's, I don't mind sayin' I've noticed a few things
 that might warrant notice.
Some I don't mind mentioning,
 but some I'll spare you the splendor of knowing
(that would just be TMI)

The good:

I've got my mom & dad's hair gene's,
It took them along time to start going gray!
A little touch up around my temples about every 6 weeks
 takes care of any hint of gray there may be.

I get to be a young granny, 
able to play and keep up with a very ambitious grandchild
Isn't she just about the sweetest thing ever

I'm healthy and still lucky enough to not be taking any pills, 
I'm sure that'll come soon enough.

I could go on and on about the good
 because there's WAY more good than bad
and the bad isn't really that bad....just annoying!

For instance...
you know those silly little glasses that you wear on the end of your nose 
so you can actually see what your looking at up close.

Ugh... This last year just continues to get worse.
 I've got readers in every room of the house, seriously... every darn room.
 in the cars, my purse, book bag and my work bag... everywhere!!!
Off the top of my head I count 11 pairs (including Ricks)
Without my readers on my nose, forget about reading instruction, or labels, 
forget about starting IV's, or looking at my patients lab values on the computer.
Plain and simple without them, it's all a blur.

Other than a few more aches and pains, if readers is the only bad,
then I guess I should just be quiet about it and feel blessed!


  1. I am so glad your healthy. With the history on both sides of your Ma & Pa I hope you stay in good health. It's no picnic to get older.

  2. Get yourself some hip lookin' bifocals gurl! I love mine!

  3. Great idea Cheri, now if only I could stand the thought of wearing glasses. Blahhhhh. I think that's what it's gonna come down to.