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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Winter Hike

Rick and I decided it would  be a good day to move a little,
so we got on our hiking boots and headed to Quarry hill nature center.

Yesterday was like the frozen tundra of russia,
 today was a beautiful winter afternoon

a great day for a hike

Most of it was a bit challenging for me, because the paths were very icy.
Falling doesn't sound that fun to me so I took my time.

Fireplace in the middle of nowhere
There are a lot of cool things to stop and see along the way 
if you're interested check it out here  History of Quarry hill

This cave used to be open but because of pranksters teenagers (like me)
 they had to be barred off  only to be opened for tours by the staff at QH.
As teenagers we used to make our way to the caves in the dark with only flashlights...
I remember being very frightened, it was spooky but fun at the same time.

Spending time with this guy.... aint nothing better


  1. Fun idea! I loved being there last winter, we need to do it again too! I like the pics as usual.

  2. great pics friend! I had hopes of x-country skiing there this winter ... oh well.

  3. Very fun day and great pictures.

  4. Looks like a lot of fun! I remember that cave from when i used to go to summer camp there. I loved exploring in there, i was always so nervous! Glad you got to enjoy the great outdoors!

  5. Very fun! And I love that shadow picture:)