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Monday, March 05, 2012

Just one of my things....

Morbid to some.... but very interesting and enthralling to me

There's this quaint little cemetery on the hill,
 in the country, just west of here.

 I've always wanted to stop and do what I do at cemetery's.
Look at the old head stones and wonder....
So yesterday I did just that 

I was pleased to see I wouldn't have to jump the fence
The gate was not locked, it only looked that way from a distance.

 Old, unkept head stones...seems so sad to me
I stook over them and thought about who they might of been
It's the least I could do.

 More of the same

On the way back home I stopped along the road
 to admire the sky , and take a few photo's
Remember the old song by John Denver
County Road.

Country roads take me home to a place I belong...........  
This is all just a few miles from my home, I love living this close to the country


  1. Very nice. There is no place like the country.

  2. I like to look around ols cemetaries too. Sometimes I wonder if it's wrong but I love the look of them.

  3. That's beautiful. I think i'm like you when it comes to cemeteries. I want to stop, but i never do. Though i sit and think (as we pass them in the car) about who all of those people are and who they were. It's so interesting to me. I wish i knew their stories.

  4. Pretty pics :) It makes me sad when the headstones are falling over too :(