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Monday, March 19, 2012

My feet say thank you

Are there simple things in life that you've never done?
Something that sounds good but you're reluctant, and not sure why?

Last week
on a whim
I did something for myself
that I've never done before...

My 1st ever pedicure
all I can say is


 I'm one who loves to have my feet rubbed
and I like pretty toe nails
I've just always done it myself.

I have a new Love in my life
It's called a pedicure

My feet will never be the same !


  1. Pretty toes. Love the color and way to go!

  2. Aren't they amazing?! The massage chairs are pretty nice too! (if you go to a place that has those!) Mom goes to the place by BWWs over in the Sam's/Walmart parking lot. I like that place too!

    glad you decided to do it. It's a nice little treat isn't it? And a LOT LESS WORK FOR YOU! :D enjoy your pretty little toes! (and soft heels)

  3. The best pedicures in town are at the place by TJMaxx!

  4. I get jiped when I get a pedicure. I only have 9 toe nails.

  5. My girlfriends and I have started a new tradition where we all get together and get mani/pedi's at one of our houses. The pedicurist comes to our house, we talk, drink wione and eat. So, so much fun!