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Monday, April 09, 2012

Hang on to your hats

Now it's the wind.....

Rochester has always been a windy city 
The mornings will start off calm and pleasant, 
then by mid-morning it's like a F-1 tornado.

Wind, wind go away, come again some other day

I "googled" it and I was not surprised...
On almost every site I checked out,
Rochester is the 4th windiest City in the USA
10 windiest cities according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are:
1...Blue Hill MA
2...Dodge City KS
3...Amarillo TX
4...Rochester MN
5...Cheyenne WY
6...Caspar Wy
7...Great Falls MT
8...Goodland KS
9...Boston MA
10...Lubbock TX

Chicago- The Windy City, didn't even make the top 10

It's hard to capture the wind in a photo, but
I thought the flag was a good indication
 Flag flappin' in the 35 mpg gusts....all-day-long, 
only to be a bit worse tomorrow.

Yesterday (Easter Sunday) it was no better...
Granddaughter Audrey's hair flying horizontal in the wind.

I thought about hanging the laundry out today but on second thought 
decided I didn't want to go hunting the neighborhood for missing articles of clothing.

Enough about the wind, ...  There is suppose to be a hard-freeze tonight,
 I better get out there and cover my flowering spurge plant !


  1. Trivia:
    Chicago was nicknamed the Windy City not for the wind but for the politicians and city boosters who were full of "hot air."

    Other possibilities for the nickname:

    All that said, it is typically always breezy near The Lake. :)

    Fact: I do not like the wind in Rochester!

  2. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who hates the wind here! It's almost always windy and it bugs me! Ya finally get a nice warm day but it's too windy to enjoy!

  3. It's been windy here too and I am tired of it. The photo of Audrey is just adorble! She is so pretty.

  4. Perhaps Rochester was just meant for Kite Flying. You could look at it that way, Brie! hehe..Plymouth MN is pretty windy too, but not on a daily basis. It's just that if it's a windy day, it's like 20 times windier in Plymouth than anywhere else around here. I don't love wind AT ALL!

  5. I had no idea Rochester was such a windy city. I'll quiz my husband about that as he lived there in the late 1970s. I grew up on the southwestern Minnesota prairie, where the wind seems to never stop blowing.

    Love the photo of Audrey.

    BTW, we encountered that fierce wind while traveling across Wisconsin on Easter. Small branches were striking our van as we drove the interstate near Tomah. We just prayed they wouldn't increase in size.