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Friday, April 27, 2012

Vacation continued

Originally we thought we'd just stay 2 days in Santa Cruz but we are so glad we stayed one more.
The first two days we overcast with a bit of rain but we saw that today was gonna be beautiful so we planned a full day. It was gorgeous, not a cloud in the sky and  probably in the low 70's for temps.

This morning we started our day taking a short road trip to
  Big Basin Redwood State Park.
It was so worth it!
I've never looked so small...can you see me?

There's little old Rick

Looking straight up
Such a pretty area with lots of history (and really old gigantic trees)
After a great hike in the state park we headed back to Santa Cruz 
to spend the afternoon on the beach 

 Relaxing and reading a good book.

Perfect beach day!

For dinner we walked over to the wharf

Rick, checking out the "fresh fish"

A look back to the beach from the wharf... It's so pretty here!

Tomorrow we will move on to the Monterey area
More later  :) 


  1. Your clouds and rain came to visit us. It is 39 degree's here this A.M. Audery and i won't be able to play outside. BLAH BLAH.

  2. Love the pictures! The one of dad reading on the beach is so cool! Love the little updates :)