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Sunday, May 27, 2012

It's Perfect

I finally found what I was looking for...
I've been looking for a fountain for my deck
just to have that gentle ambiance while I sit out in my favorite room.

Rick and I have been looking (since Mother's Day) but haven't had any luck,
 I really didn't even know what I was looking for
but I knew I wanted something a little different.

My sister told me about a table top fountain that
 she had bought for a gift
 I liked the sound of it

 I found it at Menard's....just like she said, and I LOVE IT !!!
It has a little LED light in the center of the fountain which illuminates 
the bubbling water as dusk sets in.


  1. That's really cool Mom! I'm sure that sounds really nice when you're relaxing on the deck! I like the yellow birdie :) Happy late mother's day!

  2. That is a great find. Love it.

  3. I must not take credit....it was Cindy, sister-in-law, that made the recommendation. I really like it though!

  4. Oh... I really thought it was you Jodi that told me about it....My brain is getting old!!!

    OK, Cindy thanks for the idea, the credit is yours!!!

  5. I got one for my Auntie Bev...remember Jackie? Oh never mind. I'm really glad you like it! I thought it was beautiful too!

  6. This reminds me of a cupped hands sculpture I saw in Mankato several years ago. It's truly unique and makes me think, I need one of these.

  7. It looks great out there! i love it. i bet it brings the gentle sounds you need at the end of a stressful day! enjoy!