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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Monday Tidbits from California

It's almost 10 pm Tuesday night here in San Francisco
I have a little time to post some of our yesterday fun
It was our last day in Monterey . 
We spent most of it on the beach just relaxing, talking and reading
Our Hotel...we would come back here in a heart beat!

 Ricks beach recliner, he sure was comfy

After a late afternoon stroll down the beach...
 we decided to visit
Cannery Row in downtown Monterey
It's  a popular tourist spot with lots of shops and dining.

Everything is so pretty
Dark Chocolate caramel sprinkled with sea salt
Yummmy yum-yum
(a great way to end a fabulous day)


  1. THAT all looks beautiful, but the chocolate...OOOOOH that chocolate. SO GOOD! i hope you savored every bite. mmmmmm I love that you're having such a good time! :)

  2. San Fran is on my bucket list. Some day...

  3. Are you home yet??
    I had the sweet granddaughters here today. It was so fun.

  4. I'll have one of those chocolates!

  5. The vivid colors are what strike me. The oranges, yellows...

    That hotel location looks fabulous.

    And I'll have one of those chocolates, too.

  6. BEautiful! So glad you had a great time!

  7. BEautiful! So glad you had a great time!