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Monday, June 25, 2012

A "Family" wedding

Weddings are always such a blast,
 especially when it's a family wedding

Saturday afternoon my lovely niece Kellie married the love of her life, Michael.
They simply could not take their eyes off each other during the ceremony
they were adorable!

My kids were all home to celebrate the occasion...
My boys and daughter-in-love

Two of our family were participants in the wedding...
My granddaughter Audrey!
She did a great job, dropping the rose petals
4 o'clock in the afternoon, no nap and just 3 years old
She was a trooper!

Brianna, Audrey, Carson, and Chris
My beautiful daughter was a brides maid
(She was amazing, just had a baby 9 days ago)
She is very close to her girl cousins and wouldn't miss it for the world!!!
Brianna, Jill and Kellie (Bride)

A beautiful ceremony had the attention of my husband and Audrey
~ ~ ~
Then there's always that time between the wedding and the reception...
 Brice &Audrey
He has been throwing her up in the air since she was itty-bitty

These three have so much fun
Running at Grandma 
I kinda like this one

Brianna and her baby boy

Congratulation to my niece Kellie and her husband Michael
We Love you guys!!!


  1. Lovely pics, Jackie...the love you feel for them shines through in each one. Congratulations on your new grandson...it will be fun to see him grow.

  2. Such a sweet blog and such a fun day!

  3. Great photos! Love the one of Audrey at the tree :)

  4. It was a great day. Perfect weather and lots of fun times. The best was I got to hold my great grandson for quite a while. He was so good. Mommy got a break so she could mingle.

  5. Jackie, these photos just make me smile with happiness given all the love you've managed to capture with your camera. Just beautiful. Everyone. Every moment.

    P.S. Brianna looks stunning. How can she possibly look so beautiful after giving birth only nine days ago?

  6. I absolutely love the very first photo! They look so happy, in love:) You have a wonderful family!