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Sunday, June 03, 2012

Two Uncles and a baby

Earlier this weekend I was going through my picture folders
 looking for a picture that my niece and her fiance' requested for 
 a wedding slide show that they are putting together.....

I never found it, 
but I found these

My boys 
 and Audrey (their niece)
in the early days
a mutual love exists between them all 
which makes my heart swell with gladness


  1. I love Audrey with her fun uncles :) I can't believe how little she is sleeping on Gavin! Wowee! I remember that night though :)

  2. Talk about cuteness.

  3. I love seeing the love. What precious photos. I can see family means the world to you and yours, as it does to me.

  4. My daughter has the same kind of relation ship with her uncle and I love it!

  5. Fun to see the boys loving on her :)