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Thursday, June 28, 2012

What lies within

After the "Mayowood" bridge visit (see my last post)
My son, husband and I ventured over to St. Mary's hospital.
St. Marys is where I was born,
 it's one of the two hospitals affiliated with the Mayo Clinic
 It's also one on the largest hospitals in the world under one roof.
all that being said...
This isn't about the Hospital but what lies within, that we chose to check it out.

It's the the Chapel....a building within a building.
The Chapel serves patients and their families as well as those 
who wish to attend from the community.

 When you walk in it feels like your walking into a huge cathedral
My son and husband had never been to the chapel and I knew they both would have an appreciation for the "old look".... how churches used to look with the wooden pews, stained glass windows etc.

 and then there's the confessional...
We are not Catholic so this is unfamiliar territory for our family.
My son was curious and decided to take a seat

 The Alter
The bible was open to this page in Jeremiah 
My son took my camera off "auto" and snapped the photo.

Two beautiful brass doors separate the front of the church from
all the seating in the back

Outside the chapel 
On the left is a small part of St. Mary's hospital, in the foreground is a beautiful courtyard

St. Mary's is a catholic hospital so Mass is offered several times during the week, but they also offer 
 an Interdenominational service on Sunday mornings at 10:45am. 
 I plan on attending soon.


  1. What a beautiful chapel! As they say...they just don't make them like that anymore.

  2. Yet another Rochester gem:) Love it!

  3. cool pictures! I am still amazed whenever I go in there, it seems so big to fit inside!

  4. Love that place.
    P.S. fun to see B still writes on his hands! :)

  5. All the years in Rochester and working at St. Mary's I have never been there. It is quite beautiful.

  6. I love old churches and am always in awe of the Catholic churches which are so ornate and lavish and completely different from those of my Lutheran heritage. Thanks for sharing. Seems like a trip to Rochester sometime soon will be in order.