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Sunday, July 01, 2012

Back in the day

For just a few hours we felt like we were in another era from days gone by.
I'm always fascinated to see small fragments of how it was, back in the day

This weekend Mantorville celebrated "Olde Tyme Days"
It was fun watching (especially) the women all dressed up in their frilly dresses with 
umbrella's in hand  to shield them from the heat.
On Saturday they had the 1st annual 
Old Tyme Days Period Costume Extravaganza & Competition.
Dressed in White on a very warm day
Not far from our car we saw a sign with an arrow directing us to a "Log Cabin"

As we headed down a grass path toward the log cabin we stopped to watch a blacksmith at work.
 It was fun to watch him pound and shape the metal into what he told us was a "steak turner"

 Coopers Log cabin from the late 1800's
The cabin was so cool. I love this kind of stuff!
 Just a few pictures from the inside

 Rick, checking out a few displays in the basement.

 The Restoration house
another home with many treasures from the past.
 Rachel, a high school girl from Mantorville,
 dressed the part, and was our guide at the Restoration house
 The original basement with stone floor
Old washing machines 
 Timber ceilings

I have never been to the Opera house in Mantorville but that 
will have to wait for another time
It's the 40th season of melodramas presented by the Mantorville Theater Company.
 This weekend there will be several productions of "She Aspires to Greater Things" 

These two lovely ladies posed for me as Rick and I passed by
They were a little shy, and said that their costumes weren't really that good
I thought they were great!

Today would hold many more fun events and competitions, It will have to go on without me,
 to hot for my liking  :)


  1. That looks like so much fun!

  2. A lot of cool things to see in Mantorville.

  3. Very fun, I'll have to check that out some summer:)

  4. 1. You would never have survived the hot summers "back in the day" girl!

    2. DEFINITELY go to see a melodrama! They are so fun!

  5. That looks like so much fun! i want to go to Mumford. It's an old town all set up, people dressed in period clothing, making horseshoes and churning butter. I think Annabelle would have so much fun there!

  6. I LOVE Mantorville and have been inside some of the places you photographed and more, including the Opera House. Be sure you step inside the post office, too, the next time you're in town. Love those old dresses; this looks like an event I would enjoy.