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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I call it bartering

My neighbors have been gone for almost 3 weeks now,
 they are getting married at some castle in the hills of  Denmark.
So anyway I'm watering their outdoor plants and taking care of the lawn as well. 
So today as I'm mowing their backyard I stop to admire these beautiful very large flowers.
I have always loved them and wished they were mine for cutting.
 So as i mowed, I justified that these beauties needed to occupy a vase in my home.
Otherwise they would just go to waste, the owners aren't even there to admire them, so It is my job to do that because I'm looking after the yard for them...right?

I threw in a few phlox from my own garden to give the arrangement a pop of color!
I love having fresh flowers in the house....and it didn't cost me a thing!


  1. I currently have two vases of hydrangea in my house plus another of phlox and coneflowers, all picked from my flower beds. How about asking your neighbors for slips of hydrangea to plant in your yard? My hydrangea this year have been HUGE. Your post reminded me that I need to post about mine as I took pictures of them last week, or the week prior.

    You are a wonderful neighbor to tend your neighbor's flowers.

  2. My hydrangea is looking sad this year. I just don't know what's wrong with it:(

  3. You should plant a cutting garden! I think its ok that you snipped a few buds ... nice of you to mow!