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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Music to my ears

How many of you remember the sweet sound of the Ice cream truck ?
If you never had one growing up, maybe you saw it in  a movie and could only wish  
you had one come by your house.
 We have lived here 25 years and I dont think we've ever seen one in the neighborhood. 
(maybe my memory fails me, Cheri? )

Last night my daughter and the family were over and low & behold... 
the music coming down the street was undeniably that of a Ice cream truck
 The music is piped out of a loud speaker and it reminds me of circus kind of tunes

Pictures of the ice cream treats are posted on the side of the van
 making it easy for kids to choose. 

Audrey quickly said, "Ill have that one"

A ninja turtle ice cream bar, mmmmmm

What a fun experience for a little one!!! 

"mom, can I have one too"? 


  1. haha, that was so sweet and so fun! It was fun for Audrey to get to pick whatever she wanted. Cute lil' Carson :) In one year buddy, then you can have one too :)

  2. I saw my first ice cream truck last summer in my daughter's Appleton, Wisconsin neighborhood. We treated her little neighbor kids. So much fun to give them this unexpected treat. P.S. Your grandson is certainly growing.

  3. Nope ... never had the "truck" come down ol' Chesapeake. We have heard it going down Villa several times over the past few years though.

    K and I grew up with Mr. Softee ice cream trucks, and the bicycle ice cream treat carts coming through our neighborhood.

    In NY ... there were a few. But in IN they were more plentiful.

    Go to www.mrsoftee.com You can get your own franchise!

  4. OH! how sweet for Audrey to experience such a treat. So fun.

  5. We have 2 that come around regualrly, but it always seems to be at dinner time. Annabelle has never had an ice cream from them!