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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Our family = a great time

So this year our 4th of July celebration at Mom & Dad's was a little differen't
We still had a wonderful time, with all the family there,
 (mom always throw's a great party)
but the weather put a bit of a damper on things.....
instead of the usual, outdoor games, basketball, football, and just hanging outside,
 we spent most of the day inside trying to stay cool.

We had one of the hottest/humid 4th of July's on record.
We tried hard to stay cool but 25 people against one air-conditioner is a challenge.
A few of us ventured out taking turns under the shade of the apple tree.
the guys chattin' it up
Missy Audrey needed to run around, (with Uncle Gavin)
the weather never seems to affect them
I'm not sure who's putting who to sleep? (Uncle Brice & Carson) 
You're never too old to color
(Sam, Jenny & Kate) 

One of the main event's on the 4th is the big family picture
It's usually and ordeal to get EVERYONE out and positioned, there are 25 of us. 
This year (since it was hot and miserable) we decided to only use one camera to make the process quicker, unfortunately it wasn't mine so I must be patient and wait 
for my Brother in law to send it to me :/

The other must, is a grandchild picture with gran & gramps!
It's not always easy to congregate the kids....
  Waiting for Grant...Ha ha  It's always someone  :)

My mom with great-grandchild #2  
Carson Adam

There they all are, grandkids aging from 31 to 3 weeks old 

 Audrey and her daddy putting a puzzle together
More puzzles 
Jenny and Gavin staying cool....or at least trying. 

Neither heat or humidity can keep our family apart, we always have a great time just being together!

Mom.... I think since you and dad have almost an acre of land you should put in a large pool, 
just think you and dad could do water aerobics every morning. 

* no one could bear the thought of going to the fireworks, (it was still suppose to be humid and  near 90 degrees) so we skipped it this year. Not a big deal.... I bet they'll still be there next year  :)


  1. Great family pictures, Jackie. I really love the one of Carson and your Mom. So sweet!

  2. It was a steamy 4 th but i think everyone had fun.

  3. I wondered about you all ... and if you'd be indoors. Gotta make the best of it ... this year you have the memory of a hot July 4th!

  4. I can totally relate to this. Our annual family Fourth celebration on Saturday was impacted by the weather, too. Although we sat outside, we were a much more docile group due to the heat. Any outdoor games which involved movement were short-lived.

    Love that you do an annual family photo. We didn't take one this year; too many missing family members.

  5. One of my very favorite days of the year, even if we have to stay inside! Such a fun family we have :)