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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Subtle changes

The front door has needed some painting for some time now,
 it's just one of those things we just keep putting off. 
Yesterday my Sis-in-love michelle spurred my ambition when she posted 
all the things she was getting done around the house..... Thanks Michelle  :)

 It's not a dramatic color change, but I do like it better. 
Of course the lighting never does it justice.
Thanks to my hubby for painting....not one of my favorite things to do. 
The thing that I am good at is telling him all the places he missed  :)
 (someones got to do it)


  1. Ha, ha. Good at telling the husband what spots he missed. I can so relate to that.

  2. looks good! purple is my favorite color! our door is green right now...straight up, green. i hate it (i love green, but not for my front door!) so i'll be painting that sometime soon...just don't know what color. :)