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Saturday, August 11, 2012

A litte trip to the little zoo.

The Oxbow Park-Zollman  zoo is just a few miles from our home 
Yesterday my granddaughter Audrey & I made a visit to see the animals 
and the Century old Historic Cabin that site on the property.

The Helleckson cabin

Audrey made herself at home...
She had fun pretending to make cookies in the old oven

 There are many many flowers on the ground 
along with hiking/walking paths, parks and overnight camping.

Cant for get about the animals

Audrey liked looking at the snakes but note how she holds her hand high up on her chest
 and  is nervously playing with her fingers...it was quite cute to watch.
This was a fun table, animal skins, bones and snake skin were just a few
 of the things to touch and explore

I had a great day spending time with this sweet thang  :)


  1. A lot of Hemmer shining through in that last pic!!!

  2. I remember one of my kids going here once on a field trip during elementary school. Love the pic of Audrey pretending to make cookies. The lighting and composition are perfect.

  3. Oxbow is the greatest! Such a blessing to live so close:)