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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Girls only

The time is upon me !   Ugh

Can you say..... HOT FLASH

I've been having a horrible time lately with these hot flashes.
Over the last year I have had a few here and there but now....
they are here to stay.  UGH

It's been the worst a work,
 nothing like trying to work-up a patient while my face turns red 
and the sweat starts beading up on my face. UGH

The majority of my co-workers are middle age women, so our work station is
 equipped with 3- 4 hand held mini-fans, they are quite popular throughout the day!

Twice today, while working up patients I had a mini fan in one hand pointed at my face, 
and with the other hand I was typing
 ( my one-handed typing skills are improving daily)
It feels a little pathetic, but whats a girl to do?

 Today, a work friend told me she had seen these little fans on a rope last night 
at Dicks Sporting Goods.  I thought, it's worth a shot, so after work
 I high-tailed it over to Dicks and picked one up.
My new handy-dandy fan on a rope, and it's hands-free

It's been on my neck all evening, 
the air blows upward,  through a vent, toward my neck and face, 
which really helps during the dreaded flash! 
 It's not too big, its quiet and easy to turn off or on, and runs on 2 AA batteries.
It's perfect!
Tomorrow, I can get back to 2 handed typing,  hopefully the flashes will be less intense, 
and, the best part.... 
*everyone is gonna be soooooo jealous!!!


  1. Oh, how I wish I could see the reaction from your coworkers when you walked in with this fan on a rope. I can only imagine.

    I can empathize with you on the hot flashes.

    But back to that fan. The son, who is living and studying (I hope) in a hot dorm room, might like one of these. He says the floor fan we bought doesn't help. Maybe a fan on a rope would. This is just way too funny.

    1. Oh your poor son...now he can empathize with peri-menopausal women, Ha. If you want to check it out the name of the fan is O2 Cool. I think you can just "google it" and you'll find them out on the web :)
      P.S. my co-workers are extremely jealous :)

  2. Hang in there girl it only lasts for a few years.

    1. Oh thanks for the encouraging words mom :)

  3. Mine have gone on for at least 5 years.... and still keep coming. Mostly in spurts. Hope yours end faster!

  4. Genius! I don't have hot flashes yet, but I understand the part hormones play in body temp with nursing and being recently pregnant...I'm NOT looking forward to the days of hot flashes:(

  5. Your comment about your co-workers being jealous made me giggle. Poor sweaty faced mama :/ As if you needed another cause of having a sweaty face!

    1. It was pretty sweet to see them all drooling :)