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Thursday, August 16, 2012


I've been waiting for a cool day to check this out, 
today fit the bill...nice and cool
(My kind of day) 
It was also the last day of the Historic Hayrides for the summer.
At the History Center in Rochester.
Such a great place to learn about the early days of Rochester.
Our Ride
The driver

I was intrigued by the story of the Stoppel homestead

 In 1856, two Stoppel brothers, Joseph and George settled side by side in Rochester Township. The George Stoppel Farmstead stands today as a national register historic site to commemorate the early pioneers and agricultural history of SE Minnesota.
 On April 28, 1856 George Stoppel filed for 160 acres of land. 
His cost was $1.25 per acre for a total of $200.
The family built a barn, back barn, and stone house. The farm stayed in the family for 100 years until it left family control in 1956. 
The farmstead was purchased by the History Center in 1976 as part of an expansion of the property.
The little doorway on the left was the first home the Stoppels' built, the barn was built later. 

The inside of their first home....so small, 
Constructed by the Stoppel brothers from the limestone they mined from the hill behind the house.

Now that's more like it. A very cool stone house.
This house has yet to be restored, we weren't allowed inside.

A little diddy about the caves on the propery

  The red door is usually locked, but for tours it's opened 
and we get to go in and checkout the caves.
 Carved out of the limestone hills, this one branches off to the right and left into two other rooms

I was the last one out!!!

More to follow about the old school house, stay tuned


  1. very cool history

  2. Very cool Mom, seems like just the thing you love to do :)

    1. In a few years Audrey would like it too :)

  3. The gems of Rochester! Have you taken the trolley ride yet?

    1. YAY, I get to use my "reply" button, THanks again Cheri for helping me set that up. I haven't done the trolley yet, maybe someday ?

  4. The last one out...that would be me, too, always dallying behind taking pictures. I absolutely love the stone buildings. Is this farmsite connected right to your history center?

    1. Yes Audrey it's right on the grounds of the History center.... that makes it even cooler!