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Sunday, September 30, 2012


This artistic form of stone stacking has become quite a popular scene
 in our travels this year....
Most recently Lake Michigan in Door County.

 I did a little research to see if there was more to it than just a way to express oneself 
in a artsy kind of way, and here's what I came up with.
It has a name, these stacked rock forms are called Cairns,
which means a man-made stack of stones.

 My man seemed quite interested....
They come in all sizes and complexity. 

My man thinks BIG!... 
and TALL 
with just the right balance 
 and a "cherry" to top it off  :)
then some added stones to help balance the sculpture
 Rick's creation
The thought of this enormous structure toppling over and crushing a small child
 was too much to take... so over it went.

We will always have the photos to remember Rick lovely Cairn
It was quite the work of art!

Some added facts on Cairns if  your interested
from Wikipedia

Today, cairns are built for many purposes. The most common use in North America and Northern Europe is to mark mountain bike and hiking trails and other cross-countrytrail blazing, especially in mountain regions at or above the tree line.
 Modern cairns may also be erected for historical or memorial commemoration or simply for decorative or artistic reasons. 


  1. I will be on the look out for these when we are in Door County. The whole process of building and knocking over reminded me of preschoolers and building blocks. Build, demolish. Build, demolish. Love that last memorable photo.

  2. fun, I wanna make one.

  3. Love, Love Door County!! We have been there 4 times and we need to go again, it's been quite awhile. Our favorite place to stay is the White Lace Inn, we have also stayed at the Scoffield House and we rented a house one time when we brought the kids. It is such a pretty area with so many different things to do. I love all of your photos the colors are so vibrant! Looks like you guys had a really nice get away. I've never heard of those sculptures. They are realy cool though. I will let you know about the Beth Moore study. Have a great day!

    1. We enjoyed our time there, lots of things to see and do. We stayed at "The Shallows" in Egg Harbor. Right on the Lake which was lovely.

  4. You probably saw on my blog at one time or another.... building Cairn's is part of our family vacation DNA. Good idea to knock that big bertha over!

    1. Yeah, they are all over, seems to be the thing to do, it's fun to see all the different ones people come up with!