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Monday, September 17, 2012

Summer Reads

This summer I've been a reading maniac ...
Dont get me wrong, I love to read I just haven't spent much time doing it!
Last November my kiddo's bought me a "NOOK" and I just love it
In a typical summer I might read A book (maybe two)
This summer has been different.... I'm on my ninth book going into fall.

The interesting thing is that I still don't read much during the day, I just read more at night before I go to bed, and I've been reading during my lunch time. 

At first when I got the nook I thought it would be hard for me to pick a book....
As a lot of you know,  I choose a book by it's cover! 
I usually walk up and down Barnes & Noble looking for the  cover that grabs my attention, 
then I pick it up, read the little synopsis on the back and decide if it'll do. 
 NOW, instead of walking up and down the isle's at  Barnes & Noble
I search on line, still looking for that cover that pulls me in. 
It's actually easier.

For those of you who like to read I thought I'd share my Good reads with you.
Some were better than others, but all worth the read!

I thought Fracture was very interesting and different! The cover is what haunting me to read it. It's about a girl who basically died after she fell through the ice but was revived and lived, only to be plagued with a "gift" in which she could sense when someone was about to die. The plot carried a good amount of suspense which compelled me to read it to the end. 

The Light Between the Oceans
Loved this book... it's a book of Love and what one will do for love. How a heart can be torn, and all because of loss and grief a wrong decision was made with consequences that will haunt lives for ever. It ends well, maybe not the way I wanted it to but it was the right ending.... the way it really should be, no matter what the heart feels.

The Fault in Our Stars
More than a book about 2 teenagers that have terminal Cancer. I dont usually read youth fiction, but on the recommendation of a friend I did it anyway and I'm glad I did. You'll laugh at the dry humor and young love antics in this story, but you may also want to keep a tissue close at hand, never did I want to read a book about two kids dying of cancer, but it certainly provided a bit of real life happenings. On the bright side the book is Compelling, alluring and entertaining! It's a book full of love and loss.... 
a great read

The Girl With the Green Sweater
I'm always up for a good book told by the survivor of the holocaust. For some reason it intrigues me to read what these people went through. The book as just ok, and I was shocked at what this little girl and her family endured in the sewer (the hiding place for her family). The book had a lot of repetition and not a lot of content. I found myself just wanting to get to the end so I could see how it ended. I give it a 3 out of 5 with respect to the writer and her story, but as far as content and "page turner" scoring
 I would only give it a 1.

The Snow Child
Loved this book, enduring story of a couple who lost a baby and 
were never able to conceive again. 
It's in between reality and fairy tale. It's heart warming and heart breaking, 
Hard to put this one down.

The Year We Left Home
This was a well written book, with characters that I felt I really got to know. A book written about the Erickson family from Granada Iowa, The story spans 30 years, beginning in 1973 and follows the Erickson siblings as they go though the ups and downs of LIFE. It was an enjoyable read!

A good read about a young woman who goes through some horrible tragedies that cause her to stop where's she's at and leave everything to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. She sort of finds herself and what she's capable of as she hikes for miles in the wilderness. At time things get slow but all in all it was a good read.

The Life Boat
 The Author uses a simple Narrative of shipwreck and survival to examine our human capacity for self-betayal. The book is intense, and at times terrifying, but foremost a story of human morals and the desire to survive.

The Forgotten Garden
My current read...hoping it's a good one.

 I'm always looking for a good read to add to my wish list....any suggestions?


  1. I'm almost done with Gone Girl --- it's a page turner to be sure! I'm recommending it. :)

    1. Ah yes.... I've got that one on my radar. I shall add it to my "wish list"

  2. This recommendation is for a book to buy for your grandchildren: Visiting the Visitors by Patrick "Packy" Mader of Northfield. It's a children's picture book Christmas story about three children visiting a manger scene with their grandparents. I think you would like it.

    1. Definately sound like a book I would like! Thanks Audrey :)

  3. Jackie, you HAVE to read "The Night Circus" by Erin Morgenstern! It's FLABBERGASTINGLY incredible. It's about two magicians who are in a game/competition, and the arena is a circus. It was my best read of the summer!


  4. i LOVE that you went through the books you're reading these days. I am always looking for good books ot read...course i'm stuck on anything that's written by Maeve Binchy. She's my favorite author at the moment. She writes good, heart-warming stories. they're not mystery or romance..just stories about people. All of the books take place in Dublin and the characters are sort of a community, but each book is a different character's story from their own perspective. Some of the same characters show up in each book. i LOVE her! Can't wait to check out some of these that you described! Woop Woop!

    1. MJ, I especially liked "the light between oceans" and "the snow child". I think you would like them both!