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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Birthday boys

Try to beat this one.....

26 yrs ago today I gave my hubby a baby boy for his birthday
A big boy.... 10 lb 14 oz
Happy Birthday to my guys!

Years of celebrating together
 2 cakes, 2 happy birthday songs and the classic picture
Brice likes brownies, Rick gets the angle food cake  :)

Yep, that's my boy, and the inspiration to the name of this blog.
Let's just say, He makes me laugh.... a lot!


  1. Happy birthday to your two birthday boys!

    And I thought my son, at 10 pounds, 12 ounces, was big at birth. Brice beat Caleb. I'm just curious. Did your hospital have diapers big enough to fit your big baby? Ours did not and my husband even had to return a package of newborn size diapers given to us by a friend before Caleb's birth.

    Also, my husband's birthday is tomorrow and his birthday cake is always, ta-da, an angel food cake because that's his favorite cake. His is always served with berries and whipped cream.

  2. Wow, crazy the similarities. Yes...the hospital did have big boy diapers, I cant even remember that far back to know what size that was :) I made my family angel food cakes for every birthday because that's what my mom made us, but after they started having their own likes I changed it up. Rick is getting his favorite tonight..... Banana cake with cream cheese frosting :)

    1. I always made my three kids chocolate crazy cake for their birthdays designed in the shape of something (think horse, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Garfield, etc.) as my mom always made that cake, in some shape, for her children's birthdays. Then, eventually, I, too, begin making whatever treat the child requested.

      But Randy has always gotten an angel food cake because that is what his mom always baked for his birthday.

      Tradition and love, a great pair.

  3. You win. Or Rick does. Or Brice does. They are awesome men!

  4. So Fun! I hope he had a great day! I sent him some warm, gooey cookies at work! I think they were a hit! :) Thanks for havin Brice...I'm glad he's my cousin! xo

    1. Aw, that was sweet of you MJ....such a nice thing to do!