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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

75 years young !

Sunday we celebrated a special Birthday...
All her kids...and all their kids/spouses, and their kids showed up
to wish mom, (grandma/great grandma) a happy birthday.

 My Beautiful spunky mom

We didn't tell her we were coming, so it was a semi-surprise!
There are 25 of us now, so getting all of us together at one time 
only happens a few times a year. 
She's worth it!   Mom & Dad....present time.

Sadly I didn't get photo's of everyone
(I didn't want to be anymore annoying than I already am)
but here are a few that I did capture throughout the afternoon.
My niece M.J. lighting the candles

(2nd cousins)  Grant is telling Carson all about the alphabet :) 

(1st cousins) My son Gavin on the Left (with his BIG bushy beard) 
and my nephew Jamey 

My boy and his girl

 My nephew Sam and his dad Darin.... take down!

 My boy Brice holding his nephew Carson, 
Audrey's nearby telling brice about something
she sees out the window.

My daughter, and daughter-in-love, and sweet grandson Carson. 

My sis and I

Happy Birthday Mom
We are so lucky you're ours!!!


  1. Happy 75th to your mom. What a wonderful way for her to celebrate, surrounded by those who love her. Can't think of a better birthday.

    Don't worry about annoying the relatives with your photo taking. Some day they will thank you. BTW, the pic of Brice holding Carson and Audrey looking out the window is absolutely precious. I always prefer these candids to posed.

  2. I Love the photo of Brice as well. He has 3 niece's and 3 nephews'. I know he''s gonna be a great dad some day !

  3. Love all the pictures, that one of Brice and the kids is super sweet. Love my family and so thankful for Gran!

    1. I love that picture too Brie!

  4. Thanks Jackie.
    My family is the bestest ever.

    1. Happy Birthday today mom!

  5. Great pics to remember a special day:)