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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Just this side of the border

 We had never gone quite that far North, on the North Shore
So last weekend on our little get away, 
we planned to go as far north as we could....
...without a passport
Grand Portage is on the boarder of Minnesota and Canada
and only 35 miles north of Grand Marais.
 It was a perfect little side trip to go with our Grand Marais visit.

 We drove right up to the border and made a "U" turn, always glad to be in MN
 Grand Portage state Park is right there, parts of it are in Canada, and part in MN

The pigeon River ( the left side of it is Canada) 
We stopped at this State Park to see the advertised
"highest falls in Minnesota"
named for just that...."High Falls" 
It was only a 1/2 mile hike and it was beautiful
The crazy water plummets 120 feet to the pigeon river below.


  1. Beautiful shots, Jackie. That had to have been a really fun trip! Love your header shot too.
    (lost chillin'withjill so new blog)

    1. Thanks Jill, We had a great time as usual!

  2. The diversity of Minnesota's landscape never ceases to impress me. You can see treeless prairie in the west and then this beautiful wooded area to the north. Your shot of the Pigeon River is impressive; so beautiful.

  3. We certainly have a beautiful state, dont we!