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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pretty bird

If you look real close you can see it....
 on the bottom rung of the swing set ladder
Several times over the last few weeks 
I've looked out my bedroom window and 
noticed this pretty little yellow and black bird
I've even told rick about it and mentioned how strange it is that
it keeps coming back to the same place. 
This is actually how we see it from our window, through the screen....see it?

Last week I noticed it again, so I decided to grab my camera, snap on the zoom lens and
 photograph this little beauty.
 I quietly open the deck door (so I wouldn't scare the little birdie away)
slithered to the edge of the deck, (so I was closer to the subject) 
and zoomed in for the big close up shot.

The photo below is where I zoom in and then...
 laugh out loud
I could clearly see thru my lens that my subject was a...
 broken rope from a bungee cord.... NOT A BIRD!!!

It's pretty clear the my new "Monovision"contacts are not working!
I still look at this photo and laugh....."a bird", Ha ha


  1. Oh Jackie!! THAT'S HILARIOUS!! Gotta love getting old!!

  2. LOL, oh Mom :) That's pretty funny stuff :)

  3. You're gonna have to find a "home" for me Brie :)

  4. Oh, my goodness, this is hilarious. You have started my day in just the greatest way, with laughter. Thanks for sharing this gem. We've all done it, or at least all of us with decreased vision.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Audrey... I still laugh at myself everytime I look out and see my "little bird" sitting there :)

  5. This is hilarious! i love that even rick thought it was a bird. haha... so funny!

    1. Megan, Remember my bird shirt? ahhhh hhaaaaaaaa

  6. Sooo funny Jackie!!! I totally thought it was a bird. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face. Love your pretty changes on your blog. Your header is really beautiful!

    1. Thanks Rachel, I'm thinking about changing my header to a winter scene, but it would be nice to have winter first... no snow in MN as of yet :(

  7. LOL ... we've all done it in some fashion...
    Dr. Ty told me that I was too old for monovision! Though I tried it in my early 40's and it didn't work then either. :(

    P.S. I totally thought it looked like a bird in the first few photos!

  8. Thanks Cheri, I'm glad you could see it looked like a bird as well. I still laugh out loud every time I look at the picture... It really does look like a bird :)