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Friday, November 02, 2012

The "Greats"

Both Rick and I have parents who live on the other side of town 
They have always been very involved in our kids lives
and now they love to be involved with the GREAT- grandkids.
We invited them all over to spend the evening with us on Halloween,
 so they could see the kids in costume.

Great-grandpa Erickson, holding little Carson (the giraffe)
Unfortunately I didn't capture Great-Grandpa Hemmer holding Carson :(

Great-Grandma Joanne (Hemmer) & Great-grandma Mary (Erickson) 

I had to actually steal the 2 photo's below from my daughter because this grandma totally spaced out and didnt get any good pictures of the grandkids in costume.... I know I know I failed!!!
 Carson's 1st Halloween, isn't he the sweetest thing

Audrey, I love her little "kitty face"

The front of our house, made festive for halloween.


We had 25 kids this year, that's a good year for us!


  1. Now that is cuteness. Great pictures.

  2. You are so, so lucky to be this close to family.

    Those little ones are just adorable in their costumes.

    1. Yes I am Audrey, We are so blessed!

  3. the kiddos are way cute! Love Carson in the giraffe costume!

  4. Thanks Cheri, Did you guys get any kids up that way?

  5. I'm so glad for the greats! And for the allll the grandparents :)