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Friday, January 04, 2013

A very condensed year in review

As the new year begins, I like to look back at my blog posts from 2012
 and be reminded of the wonderful year that it was. While browsing I noted some interesting stats... 
I put together 166 posts in 2012 (seems like it should be a lot more)
I can see from my "traffic feed" that I get a whole lot of "Viewing" and not so much "commenting". 
I would love to hear from more of my "viewers".... Don't be shy!

I've had viewers from many different countries including,
Brussels, Australia, Shanghai, England, & Romania.
Some of my most popular hits from the USA are from,
Minnesota, Ohio, California, Florida, Texas, Kansas, Illinois, Louisiana & Oregon

Top 5 viewed blogs of 2012 were...
Christmas Mantel 81 views
Jack pot  61 views
We needed our fix  60 views

Last but not least.... a look back at some of my favorite
photo's & memories of 2012

Proof that we actually did get snow last winter
Mayo Clinic, Gonda building
Ballerina girl
my blessings
Mayo wood
Our newest addition, Carson
Love at first sight
Need I say more
Great Uncle's farm
Photo shoot for the nieces & nephews
North Shore
Love this barn, off I-90 on way to Winona
Good thing I have the "rapid fire" setting on my camera 
What used to be the General store in Pilot Mound
abandoned school not from from Rochester
Oh my heart
San Francisco
Santa Cruz boardwalk
Such a sweet sweet girl
Hwy 1  California

I'm looking forward to a new year and to welcome what ever  God has in store for me. I'm hoping for  new memories, more travel and lots of pictures to remind me another year filled with blessings!


  1. Jackie...I LOVE your blogs! I try to catch them every time I see them posted. For this homesick gal (sometimes), you give me that little window of my old life...the good times, the people and the place where my kids grew up (kinda, lol...they're taking the 'creative' route to adulthood). With your blog, you remind me of the gentle and kind people that were such a part of my life...thank you.

    1. Thanks for your kind word Liz....and for "commenting" yippeeee! I usually post 3-4 times a week, and I usually dont put them on my FB status, so you'll need to stop by here to see new stuff. Love hearing from you!

  2. You are an incredibly gifted photography is so many ways: technically, emotionally, storytelling, etc. I'm so glad to have discovered your blog.

    Now, where would I find that Pilot Mound general store?

    1. In Pilot mound..... ha! population 350. I knew that photo would get you Audrey! It's between Rushford and Chatfield on Hwy 30. It's a beautiful little store isn't it. p.s thank you for your kind words about my photo's :)

  3. Great memories from the year 2012.
    Keep it up.

  4. LOVE Ballerina girl and all of your photos. The general store is a real find!

    1. Thanks Jill, Everytime I drive by the "general store" I get a little flutter in my tummy, I just wish it was still up and running, it would be a fun store to go into!

  5. The babies have grown up a lot in the past year! Jeepers. I'd like to move that old school house .... to my house! I've always thought it would be fun to have a little schoolhouse like that to make into a guest house!

    It was a great year. Only downside ... we didn't see enough of each other :(

  6. I bet the farmer would let you take that old school house off his hands, it just sits int he corner of his field, never mows around it, and it could definitely use some TLC. Miss you!

  7. Love the year in review pics...though I don't know how you choose...I think you and I have similarly happy photo trigger fingers;)

    1. It wasn't easy Jen, I could have gone on and on and on!