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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Closing its doors

The College of Visual Arts in St. Paul will 
close its doors in June.

Photo taken by me in 2005

The College of Visual Arts in Saint Paul, Minnesota, is a private, accredited, four-year college of art and design offering a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in fine arts, graphic design, illustration, fashion design, and photography.

It strikes a chord in my heart because it's the college my oldest son attended and...
It's where he grew and developed his gifts in 
interactive design, art, directing & photography! 

Economy and declining enrollment are the root cause of the closing 

It is a beautiful school that is housed in one of the old mansions on  Summit Avenue
It has graduated many gifted students including my son and my nephew Jamey, who went on to open his own business a few years after his graduation
Check out his website here
Here's what my nephew Jamey tweeted today....
"We (sevnthsin) were founded within the walls of  back in 2000. Wouldn’t exist without them. So sad to see them closing" - 

CVA will be missed by the community as well as past & present students!


  1. When I read about this school closing on MPR today, I thought of you because of your family connection. This has to be sad for your son and nephew. What a great place to expand your creativity. In a mansion.

  2. It's so sad!! Private schools really took a hit in this economy; I can definitely attest to that.

  3. It is always sad to see "the end" of things. It sounds like a fabulous school, but times are difficult for many places these days because of rising costs. I'm sure you will always have fond memories of the school. Have a great weekend. Mickie :)

  4. So sad, such a unique place!