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Thursday, January 10, 2013


Here I sit in my chair by the window, relaxing after a long on my feet kind of day at work,
The house is quiet as I wait for my guy to get home from work,  I hear 3 things... the clock ticking, the furnace running and RAIN....yes pouring rain in January...That's just wrong!
Does anyone remember back in the day...in Minnesota when we used to get REAL winters.?
I do!

I was a child then, the snow was deep all through the winter months AND, there was always snow on my birthday ( late November). Now we are lucky to have snow for Christmas  :(
We tobogganed down the giant hill in the pasture behind our home, I remember trudging back up the hill, taking turns pulling the toboggan behind us, we would rest for a minute then down we'd go again. 
it's fun to daydream about winters past, back when we really had snow.
In my book, Winter = snow...not rain!
I'm hoping we get some more of that white stuff soon.

A beautiful oil painting I found on google pictures painted by Heidi Malott
Reminds my of my childhood :)




  1. I am like you with only fond childhood memories of winter. We had mountains of snow upon which to play. As much as I sometimes now dislike the cold and snow, I totally agree that we should not be getting rain here in Minnesota in January.

    1. "mountains of snow" is a perfect description, that's what i remember as well!

  2. I remember after all that trudging up the hill in the cow pasture....coming home to home made hot cocoa on the stove that Mom made for us...the kind that gets the layer of stuff on the top as it sits....Mmmmmm that was the the best hot cocoa!

    1. Oh I forgot about that Jodi, I need that recipe :)

  3. AS kids you guys had lots of snow to play in but, I still didn't hold a candel to the storms I had as a kid. It would take the snow plow a week to plow out the road past our house. The snow banks were as high as the top of the fence posts. Dad would take us to school with the horses and big sled.
    Now that was winter. The weathermen now days don't know what a snow storm is. Yhere idea of a blizzard is a couple snow flakes blowing in the breeze.

  4. Sounds like quite the adventure as a kid mom, A big deal now a day seems to about 2 inches....woooo hooooo :)

  5. I think we remember the big snowfalls more because of well....the amount of snow! I remember riding my bike on some Christmas breaks. on dry sidewalks. I DO remember some huge snowstorms too. (now that said, I grew up in the Chicago area --- which is known for "lake effect storms")