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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Just to be thought of.....

Most of us think flowers & chocolates for Valentines day 
(and I'll probably get some of that too)...
but I wanted to share another kind of Valentine greeting,
one that comes from a friend...
a, "just thought of you" kind of Valentine!

 This week I received a Valentine note 
with and article tucked inside
 It read, 
"To my sweet Valentine friend, Jackie. 
This column made me think of you"
Love, Valerie
Leave it to my dear friend Valerie to send me this sweet card and thoughtful article,
Valerie knows I'm a "winter lover"

The article was titled, 
Don't give winter the cold shoulder
It was written by a local Lutheran minister named Emily,  She starts out with,
Dearest winter...

I hope you have time to read (or skim the article)
 I found a few sentences I could relate to, as if she were writing about me.

* "some people really, really appreciate you (winter). I'm thankful for those folks too, 
It's heart-warming to see how much they love the snow and even the cold"...that's me :)

* "You are a season that fortifies us. It's a time of year to be strengthened and renewed under a giant pile of blankets. It's a season to sit beside a roaring fire and savor every drop of a hot beverage. You (winter) give us opportunity to pause and to reflect"... I'm so there!

* "There is a time for everything, and a  SEASON for every activity under heaven"( Ecclesiastes 3:1)
"and you my darling Winter, are certainly a special piece of the puzzle"... Love that verse in Ecclesiastes

Dear Valerie, thank you for thinking of me, and for sending me this lovely article. It would have gone unnoticed, I never saw it..... maybe that was so I could be blessed by you.
Happy valentine's day my friend!

Love Jackie


  1. That column does give me pause to stop and rethink winter. I will try to remember some of Emily's insights when I am out scraping ice and shoveling snow today. Happy Valentine's Day, Jackie! You are blessed to have a friend like Valerie.

    1. It was certainly a refreshing article for me, poor winter always get a bum rap, and yes valerie is a wonderful and thoughtful friend! Happy heart day to you Audrey :)

  2. When I read the column, I knew it was meant for you! Love, Valerie

    1. Thanks again Valerie, It brought a big ole smile to my face. Happy Valentines day to you!