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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Out with the old...

Saturday was one of those days, kinda lazy, not much to do with no plans.
Rick and I decided to try a new "Sub" place for lunch, which happens to be
located just a couple blocks from a furniture store that has been in business,
 in Rochester for many years... Mackies

We get in the car (after our lunch) and I really don't feel like heading back home....
Me: Honey did you hear Mackies is going out of business
Rick: Yah, they're always going out of business!
Me: No really this time they REALLY are going out of business
 Me: We could just go look.....

The rest is history  :)

We have a very decrepit  old couch! 
The fabric is tattered, the frame is cracked from our #250 lb. son doing a miscalculated high jump over it, and it's just plain grungy! It's a sleeper sofa which hasn't been used for years, because well...
it's just not something you would want to sleep on.
I've always loved the patten on this sofa and it went well with the decor in our family room
 Get up close and you can see, it's golfers. For those of you who didn't know, Rick is golfer, but that's not why we bought the sofa, we bought it because it sat comfortable, we liked the colors and it's big, plenty of room to sit 3 people. 

So anyway, now for the rest of the story......

We talked ourselves into a new sofa, ...it was time!!!
It's a Lane with interspring cushions (very comfy),
 about 3 inches shorter which gives us some added room.

  Before we could bring it home we needed to demolish the old sofa, 
it was too big to get out in one piece so my DIY husband got right to work.
*When the furniture company brought this into our house years ago, they actually did some damage to the stair case banister, big gouge out of the wood, we weren't about to try and get it back out of the house by ourselves!
It was a challenge, but within an Hour it was dismantled and out of the family room
 Looks so empty
 Our new couch has the two recliners on the ends, so it actually comes in three pieces,
much more manageable, for my big strong husband, who only had the help of a weak wife.

 Trying it out right after assembly.... he deserved the rest!  Nice job honey.

This was today after church..... I think he likes the new sofa, 
I might have to give it a try later, If he'll give me a turn  :)


  1. Uh, yeah, you most definitely needed a new couch. We have one that is similar with recliners on both ends. Except ours is getting worn out. Hmmmm, say, honey...

  2. Ha ha you're funny Audrey, hope you get yours soon!

  3. Anonymous10:34 PM

    Love it!

    1. Thanks jac', so do we

  4. Love the new couch, I remember well when you got the golfer couch :) Like how Dad fell asleep on it after church, heehee. I'm excited to try it out again!

    1. Yah, I think he likes it, still waiting to see what Gavin thinks :)

  5. Very cool. We need a new one. Should go look.

    1. Not much stuff left mom, especially after this weekend

  6. Excellent! I remember sleeping over on that pull out sofa...this new one is much nicer for your beautiful downstairs family room! Excited to come see it in person some day!

    1. I'm holding it to ya MJ.....come over any time!

  7. I remember when you got that golfer couch! It was perfect for that room. The new one looks good too! I love getting new furniture, but hate making decisions on furniture.