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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

They fill my life with added joy

Not a week goes by that we don't see our grandkids every few day. 
We have been blessed to have them close by and because of that 
we can never seem to get enough of them, alway longing to see their sweet faces,
hear their sweet voices (babbling from Carson) and hugs.... oh those hugs!

One of the most challenging things for me as a grandma is not to spoil excessively.
Oh don't get me wrong....they're gonna get spoiled 
just not spoiled rotten.
My daughter and son-in-love have done a great job with Audrey, 
she's never been one to beg for toys when we go into stores, 
that's not to say she's never asked (she has) but usually not, 
she's very content to just look.
a little girls dream store

I have been hearing about this new store in Rochester called A child's Kingdom
Today I took Audrey, i thought it would be a fun little outing for us!
She had never been to the store....either had I
 She was so excited to check out this new store 
She ran ahead of me, apparently Grandma's to slow.

 Her exact words as she entered the building,
"This is awesome, oh my goodness, this store is amazing, I love this place"
The store owner was at the counter by the door and heard everything Audrey said,
she looked at me and said, " this is exactly why I love working at this store"
 So many fun toys, 
and Audrey had the store all to herself.

and yes....today she got spoiled, it's been awhile!
 *she didn't ask for a thing, I asked her if she'd like to pick out a couple of small toys
Two little stuffed chipmunks, a yellow tutu and a sucker then we were out the door :)
 Her mom and dad have also done a great job of raising a grateful little girl,
 she politely told the lady at the store Thank you, and 
she thanked me over and over.

After our fun time at the toy store we met my daughter and grandson for lunch   
My little buddy 
 cant get enough of him!
beautiful baby boy

This grandma gig is the best!


  1. Such cuties! You are very fortunate to have your kids in town!

  2. That I am, and I never take that for granted :)

  3. Kudos to Brianna and her husband for the way in which they are raising their two precious children. It's so important today to teach children that they cannot have everything they want. And kudos to you, grandma, for your ability to hold back on many occasions.

    I bet little Audrey made that shopkeeper's day. Kids are so honest and Audrey's enthusiasm had to mean the world to her. How could you not buy something for Audrey after that?

    What beautiful grandchildren. How blessed you are.

    1. Thank you Audrey, Holding back is the hardest for this grandma, but I'm getting better!. I love to be able to spoil them occasionally, after all...that's what grandma's do( because we can) :)

  4. Those TUTU's were AWESOME!!!!

  5. You are such an AWESOME grandma!!! And wow, is Carson getting big!

    1. Thanks jac', they are pretty special little ones!

  6. They are so darling! They are lucky to have you as a Grandma. :)

  7. Love the pictures! That wall of tu-tus is like little girl heaven. I bet it was a blast for her to her to choose whichever one she wanted :) Thank you for how you make their lives richer (and I dont' mean with money :) but with all the love and attention, they adore you!

    1. IT's a dream come true to be part of their lives.... the feeling is mutual :)

  8. Oh that Carson's face just melts my heart! I'll have to check out that fun new store too:)

  9. I'd like to see a pic of Audrey in the yellow tutu!!

  10. I'd like to see a pic of Audrey in the yellow tutu!