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Friday, February 01, 2013

Watery Grave

Last week I had an unfortunate thing happen.....
my faithful Canon "point & shoot" fell into the toilet
I snatched it out of the water (as soon as I could) but it wasn't soon enough.
Ugh....I drowned my camera, sad day!
*note to self- another reason not to keep your camera in your back pocket!

Yes, I still have my main man, Mr. Sony 
but I still like to have that smaller camera for those times when
 I don't want to lug along my big camera

So I did a little research and read some reviews and
 ended up with this new little guy
 It's the big brother of my other canon, a step up with a few new features. 

I have to admit, before I settled on the Canon, I got talked into another leading brand. I brought it home and immediately despised it, everything just seemed wrong!  I think it's all about what you're used to. So I'm happy with my Canon and I once again feel complete  :) 

 On a side note.....

Some of you know that I'm not one to wear a coat in the winter, especially when just 
running from the house to the garage, into a store and back again. 
So I thought I would post this picture from this morning,
 while I was sitting at Caribou.
Temperature in the single digits....man in shorts
Loving the snowfall tonight 
Bring it on winter, if it's gonna be cold, it might as well be snowing!


  1. Cute little new camera.
    Like the wintery pictures too.

  2. I was driving past the middle school yesterday when the kids were walking home. Eight degrees. Kids with no gloves or hats, one with her coat off and one in shorts. Made me cold just to see that.

    Glad you were able to replace your camera pretty easily. Still, bummer to drop one in the toilet!

    1. I remember a few years when my teen son wanted to wear his shorts all winter long, crazy kids!

  3. With that header on your post, I wasn't sure what I was going to read. I was relived to find that the watery grave involved only your point-and-shoot camera and not, um, a person. Sorry you lost your camera. But at least it wasn't Mr. Sony.

    You were pretty sneaky to get that pic of the man in shorts. I saw a guy riding motorcycle about a week ago and the temp must have been around zero.

    1. Yah that was a bit of a morbid post title :) If it had been Mr. sony I might of had to have a funeral!

  4. I lost a point & shoot in a canoe tip a few years ago. I managed to save the SD card, but not the camera. I got a Canon replacement too! Oh, lost a phone to the potty too many years ago....ugggh.

    1. I almost lost my Sony in a canoe roll over, luckily it was waist high water and I was able to grab the camera and hold it above my head. I have learned my lesson, I will not be putting my camera in my back pocket any more :(