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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

After winter is done

Trying to think of some reasons that I can yield to my love of winter and
 be happy about a soon to come spring!

 Spring is not my favorite season, 
in fact in comes in a close 2nd of least favorite, right behind summer!

But I will relish in the fact that God gave us the change of seasons, 
and I really DO appreciate that.

I guess it's fair to say we all have our favorites,
God created them all so therefore
 I will try to do better and see the best in all four!

(I just wish it wasn't so humid in the summer...it's miserably intolerable to me, 
if that weren't the case I think I could like it more).

I miss this..... 
for this I will welcome spring, but only AFTER, winter is done  :)


  1. Oh, yes, I miss hanging out laundry, too. Glad to see you do this. Saves money and there's something soothing about clipping freshly-laundered items to the line on a beautiful morning. Thanks for reminding me that soon I'll be able to do this again.

    1. I actually love doing laundry in the spring, summer and fall! WInter laundry...not so much :)

  2. Another 5" here this morning and calling for maybe 16" on Monday. I usually love it too but too many mechancial problems this year so am tired of it. I like the clothesline. NOTHING goes wrong with it! :)

  3. 16 inches????? wow, I would love that, but i know not everyone feels the same. Sorry to hear about your mechanical troubles...bummer :/

  4. Can't wait to hang my clothes out! ...and for spring ... and summer! Love you friend :)