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Monday, March 18, 2013

Mamma's heart is full

Saturday morning I got a a text from my son Brice in St. Paul....
"We're coming down, can we spend the night?"

I was thrilled for several reasons! 
First it was a surprise, we really hadn't expected them,
It was Gavin's birthday, and I love that the kids make a point to see each other on birthdays! 
(That doesn't always happen but I love it when it does)
We were planning a birthday dinner that evening, 
so now ALL the kids would be there. Yippeeeeeeee
Can you tell I was a little thrilled  :)
Gavin (top) proudly showing Brice his new iPhone 
(birthday present from Mom & Dad)

We spent some time catching up with Brice & Jennifer then it was off to Red Lobster
 to join my Daughter and her family
Brianna & Chris giving the "thumbs up"

Carson hanging out with Uncle Brice and Audrey sitting next to Grandma
which she always requests (and I love)

Carson kept looking up at Aunt Jenny with adoring eyes...so sweet

It's hard for a 9 mo old to sit and wait, so I took him to the window in the back corner and sat him on the sill, he was happy to look out the window and play with the chain.

My son, teasing his wife with some crab legs (he get's that from his father)

Gavin sharing some crab meat with Chris (our son-in-love)

On the way out, My three amazing kids and little audrey in Uncle Gavin's arms.

More family time and a little cheese cake to share for gavin's b-day
Our usual meeting place after church on Sunday, Lots of family stopped by to wish Gavin a happy birthday, both sets of grandparents, two aunties, and cousins just to name a few.

Audrey is putting an Irish headband on her Great-grandpa's head.

Carson doesn't seem too thrilled about the headband, 
but he's a good sport about it anyway.

Love these family filled weekends!


  1. You are making me all teary-eyed reading this post and viewing these photos. I understand exactly how you feel, how a mother's heart brims with joy when all of her children are together. I can see how much they all love one another. And, oh, my does Audrey ever look like Brianna with Brianna in the background and her daughter in the foreground. Just love this post and so happy that you could all be together.

  2. Yes, it's the best isn't it! I think Audrey is getting to look more like her mom as she gets older, but she will always have those "daddy eyes"

  3. The best of times! :) Carson makes a darling little leprachaun!

  4. Sounds like a perfectly wonderful weekend!

  5. How fun to have the surprise from Brice and Jennifer! and ...for the record ... I've always thought Audrey looks like Brie!

  6. I totally missed this blog! So great!