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Friday, April 12, 2013

My Loves

April 12, 2013
Enough about that.....just sayin'

I asked my daughter last night if I could come pick up
the kids this morning for a day with Grandma!
She was grateful to have the morning to catch up and run some errands.
I was grateful to spend time with the little ones
1st on the agenda was (of course) "coffee" at Caribou
Audrey enjoys eating the mini-choc chips and whipped cream off the top
 of her (not-so-hot) Hot Chocolate, which she calls "coffee"
Carson is reaching for grandma's coffee... it'll be awhile buddy  :)

He was happy to play with the toys from Caribou's toy box.

Audrey always has a good time at Caribou.
~ ~ ~
We spent the morning and early afternoon together, 
Carson had a nap while Audrey played and played and played with me....
There was lot's of make believe, painting and playing with dolls.

 Sweet baby boy, love this little face!
I got a nice shot of him with great lighting to show off his baby blue eyes.

Audrey was beyond excited when I asked her if she would like to stop on the way back home to get her mamma a flower, and even more excited when I told her she could pick one out for herself as well. 
Oh the simple pleasures, and joy in a childs life
I think she smelled every flower in the flower shop  :)


  1. They are both SO sweet. And I love love LOVE that pic of Carson!! WOW!

  2. Thanks Jac', They are pretty special !

  3. Yes Jackie, I won't say anything about the weather either. :( I think it is so special that you get to spend time with your grandchildren like this, you are creating such special memories with them. What a wonderful gift to give your daughter as well. You are a awesome Grandma! That picture of your grandson is beautiful!!! Enjoy your Saturday.

  4. They are a delight Rachel, I'm so blessed to have them near us! Rick and I never knew it could be this much fun :)

  5. So sweet that you get to have Gma days with the kids. Luke loves those days too and I'm sure Nora will as soon as she realized just how special they are:)

    1. I Love my time with the kids, they are a joy!

  6. You are just the BEST grandma. And Audrey and Carson are the sweetest, so cute...those blue eyes...beautiful shot, just beautiful. Don't you love when the light is perfect?

  7. I am just the most "blessed" grandma, so grateful to have the little ones so close. Yes, I'm quite pleased with the photo of Carson, glad for the right light and a sweet faced subject!