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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Remembering back when....

While out to visit Mom & Dad the other day I drove around my old stopping grounds
So much has changed since I was a child growing up in the country about 5 miles south of Rochester.
These photos brought back many great memories.....

 This photo was taken about a mile from my parent house down "Old hwy. 52"  
Only the foundation of the old barn remains...the cows don't seem to mind. 

There are no more cows in the pasture that was behind my folks house. 
That pasture in now a housing development....
 I used to go and sit by the fence (which would have been about where those tree are in the foreground) and watch the cows, sometimes sneaking under the fence making sure not to step in a "cow pie".
This also used to be our big sledding hill, 4-5 kids jumping on the toboggan and racing down the giant hill, only to have to walk back up, over and over again.  When we got older (teenagers) some of our friends had snowmobiles, so they would take turns pulling us back up the hill  :)

Then there's the elementary school, Burr Oak which is no longer being used for anything.
The small white building that sits closer to the road is the old country school house. 
Some of the older neighbor kids attended there but they were Wayyyyyyyyyyyy, older then me!

On the other side of the telephone pole used to sit the baseball diamond.
 I was the only girl that played boys baseball back in the early 70's,
 my younger brother and I played on the same team. 
(How many remember those big plastic ball pony-tail holders, ahhhhh haaaaaa haaaaaa)
My parents home is across the road behind the neighbors house with a small field in between. 
We lived close, which was nice for practices and ball games.
 I can still picture the crowds from the neighborhood gathering for game night, 
the parents organized food which included 
hot dogs, chips and kool aid... that was just so great!

Everything seemed so much bigger back then, 
 It's fun to take yourself back to the good old days of childhood!


  1. Since I don't know my geography south of Rochester very well, is Burr Oak school in a town? If so, what town? And, yes, it's fun to revisit the places of our youth, but sometimes sad, too.

  2. Audrey It's still considered "Rochester", but it's outside the city limits, also called Marion township. The school closed when my sister was in 4th grade (1976), so she had to finish up "in town". Burr Oak later reopened as a school for troubled boys, but now its halls are empty once again :(

  3. Things sure have changed around here.
    The Burr Oak school is now up for sale.
    Jodi finished grade school at Pinewood school.

  4. Thanks for sharing you special memories. I remember those ponytail holders too! My husband grew up in Plainview. :)

  5. Fun to read about when you were little :) Love the pic. Hey Mom, can you maybe change your font to like, white, perhaps? It's a bit hard to read :)

  6. I wonder if there is something weird on your computer cuz no matter where i look at my bog (work, desktop, Gavin's laptop) it looks fine? Anyone else having problems reading my blog?????