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Sunday, May 19, 2013

It's what they've been dreaming about....

It been a busy end of the week....
My daughter and her husband "closed" on their new house Wednesday
Thursday was cleaning day, Friday more intense cleaning, Saturday was moving day.
Rick and I helped...
 It brings us joy to see your kids dreams come true.... 
a house in a neighborhood, with lots of kids, a flat yard and room to run!

My daughter Brianna (in the doorway) has a very good friend, Kelsey. It was so nice of her to help with the cleaning, I've known Kelsey since she was born, (her momma and I are also friends) The two girls grew up together in church and were college room mates at Winona State, they are both nurses like their momma's. they continue to be good friends, both with two little ones of their own. 

 Brianna insisted that I be in a picture, and yes I cleaned all the windows of the house
The little room under the steps, 
Brianna decided to crawl back in there to make sure it was clean as well, 
this would actually be a great storm shelter. 
Rick getting in on the cleaning as well, 
he stopped over during his lunch break so Brianna put him right to work  :)

Moving Day, Saturday morning

Moving truck at the town house...first load

 Brianna, doing her share!
 Chris,  unloading the first load at the new house.
(Our youngest) Gavin and Chris hauling things up to the bedrooms

 Lunch time between loads, a well deserved break for these hard workers!

Brianna's first solicitor's....
 Neighborhood kids selling frozen cookie dough that they made with their mom, 
My sweet daughter bought a bag from them, yum yum.

Together after a long day....
So happy for you guys, praying God's blessings as you make new memories in your new home


  1. What an exciting day for Brianna and Chris, to move into their first home. I thought of you while we were moving Caleb into his apartment. Not nearly as challenging a process, but still...

    I love the last two shots. Can you believe I hardly took any pictures of move-in. Too busy helping. Great that you thought to document the day.

    1. I had my little "point and shoot" in my back pocket so it was pretty easy to whip it out and snaps some photos :)

    2. And less noticeable, too...

  2. How wonderful Jackie, and it sounds like they will be close by!

    1. they are only 1.4 miles from us. They like this end of town and there are alot of newer neighborhoods just down the road, including a new grade school.

  3. How exciting! Congratulations to them!

  4. Aww, just seeing this blog now, I just may share it on FB. Thanks for the pictures you took and for EVERYTHING you and Dad did!!! Love you! Glad to be able to share this experience with you! Thanks for all your help and encouragement!

    1. Glad to be able to help!, Love your new house, eep!