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Monday, May 06, 2013

The last couple of days....

.... I got to see my boy and his wife who live in New Brighton
B & J admiring their new grill

My sister, sis in law , and I hosted a baby shower for 2 special ladies
My niece Megan on the left is due in July, 
and my nephew Jamey's wife Kate (right) is due in August.
1st babies for both of them, also first grandbabies for my big brother and his wife!
 I'm so excited for them to to have grandbabies. 
How fun for them to have two little ones so close together.

2 days ago my crocus's were buried under almost 16 inches of snow,
 today they are still alive.

What's left in the front yard.... I really need to mow  :)

Officially Spring...
 got my toes done!  


  1. I love how young moms-to-be today celebrate their pregnancies. In my days, and yours, too, it was all about hiding our burgeoning bodies.

    Love that you got to see you son and daughter-in-love.

    And yeah for sandals.

    1. Yes Audrey the maternity-wear has really changed, actually I'm glad I was pregnant way back when the shirts were big and poofy. I was much more comfortable that way.

  2. I didn't know the girls were expecting!!! How awesome!
    Sandals & flip flops have been on my pedicured feet for about 3 weeks now! I was SO over winter and snow!

    1. Yes Cheri, two little ones with in 3 weeks, I cant wait :)

  3. yay for your free toes, cute!

  4. How fun to have new babies in the family! Your lawn looks so green and lush and your toes are cute Jackie. Happy spring.

    1. The grass is crazy green and ready to be cut, but it's still too mushy, hopefully by the weekend :) I Love getting my toes done!

  5. Thanks so much for such a wonderful shower! I felt so loved and I know that this little baby will be loved beyond imagination. I can't wait to meet "him" and introduce all of you to the new baby! Even if it does end up being a girl despite my hunch...hehehe. Love you! and your toes are pretty! :)

    1. It was fun to have the joint shower! It's so great that those two little cousins will be so close in age....fun times for sure.