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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

A new roof over our heads

Hard to believe this was only 1 month ago...
 Even more unbelievable was what the 15 inches of snow did to our gazebo frame
A "mini" Hubert H Humphrey metro dome. (May 3, 2013)

Yep that snow was heavy enough to bend the sturdy metal frame of the Gazebo roof.
We typically don't put the canvas on the roof until we're pretty sure it's done snowing for the year,
We thought we were safe, after all it was May, but we should of known... 
this winter was the winter that never ended!
(dont be fooled, I'm not complaining.... I'm just sayin') 

Luckily we were able to order a new metal roof frame, 
the replacement parts were reasonable, we were thankful for that. 
The weather has not cooperated much at all this spring, 
but it finally stopped raining this weekend, so my guy went to it, and got her done. 
putting  up the new roof
Our roofless Gazebo 

ahhhh,  now that's more like it  :) 
(view is from my dining room) 


  1. So glad all is back in place. It's such a lovely spot!

    1. Me too Jill, me too :)

  2. I remember that snow photo. So glad you got that roof replaced. It's such a beautiful retreat. Now, if only the hubby could fix the weather and bring sunshine and warmth, right?

    1. Rick's pretty talented but the weather.... dont think he can do much in that department, ha ha

  3. I'm so glad that you got that fixed! It looks like such a relaxing outdoor room. Hopefully we will get some sunshine this weekend and you can read a little book out there Jackie.

    1. I have forgotten what the sun is like Rachel....hopefully soon it will come out and stay :)

  4. Coziest spot on Chesapeake Lane!