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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Drive-through Barn

Part two....looking for barns

Driving along in the country on a lowly gravel road, 
on the look-out for a very unique barn.

It may not look that unique from these pictures but this barn is huge! 
Hard to see from here, but the driveway is on the right side about midway up.

It's a "drive-thru" barn the large archway near the middle Right side of the barn is the way to the house,
so yah,  you have to drive through the barn to get to the house. 

This farm belongs to the Anderson's, it's 7 miles west of Chatfield just off Fillmore Co Rd 2
The stone barn was built in the 1880's by a scotsman named Thomas Ferguson.
There is so much history and interesting facts about this barn. 
To read more see this article Drive through barn
 featured on our local newspaper last week.

 Here's a shot of the house on the Left

This is as close as I got... the end of the drive way (with my zoom lens)
 The newspaper article says that the Anderson's welcome you to drive-through the barn,
 but I'm just to darn shy, I will need to take my dad with me next time,
 he doesn't have an  ounce of "shy" in him. 

On a side note....many unplanted fields....kinda sad


  1. Very neat I must say.

    1. It's pretty amazing mom :)

  2. Jackie, Jackie, banish thy shyness. I so would have driven through that barn, maybe a few times. This has to be the most unique barn I have ever seen. And just think of all the labor involved in building this barn. Wow. Remarkable.

    Also, I ditto your sadness re. the unplanted fields. Saw so many of those on our Sunday afternoon drive.

    1. I know Audrey, I wanted to sooooo bad, I will do it for sure with my dad, he will insist :)

    2. Well then..... I must :)

  3. Valerie is trying to get me to Rochester to go there. LOVE it!

    1. Oh do come Jill and I will invite myself along :)

  4. Very cool barn! I don't know if I'd even figure out that it was a drive thru barn if I drove by on the road:)

    1. I think the first impression is that it's a very large barn.... then you might notice the archway in the middle of the barn, and as you drive a little farther the house behind the barn.