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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Walkin' on Grand

Ever heard of Grand Old Days?
It's St. Paul's kick off to summer and the season of festivals. 
It's been labeled the largest one-day festival in the Midwest.
This last Sunday was the 40th annual Grand old Days, and we were there.

 It was expected that 250,000 people would walk the 25 blocks of Grand Avenue.
Rick and I enjoyed a beautiful 65 degree day with our oldest son Brice and daughter-in-love Jennifer.

We walked and walked and ate and gawked (at interesting people) 
then ate some more and walked till we couldn't walk anymore.
Grand Avenue was adorned with 125 food and merchandise vendors, along with
 beautiful homes and businesses rich in local history and charm. 
 Love this old stone/brick apartment building

Painted artwork on the glass windows of this house.

I thought I'd post a few random photo's I took while taking our leisurely stroll.... 
Many time's I'd have to say, "you guys go ahead, I'll catch up"...

 If you ever venture onto Grand ave. you must stop at the Grand Ole Creamery...yummy
Rick got us a corn dog to share, Oh-My Goodness....so good
 Walked right on by this one, now that's willpower!
 As we passed by this house, my son Brice said rather matter of-factly, " Beer and roofs don't mix"
I was a little nervous as they danced around on the roof to blaring music with beer in hand.
Right below this "roof party" were these guys...

nuff said  :)
 Minnesota apparel, Paul Bunyan & Babe the Blue Ox
 If you like the smell of cigars, this was the place to be, Stogies on Grand
Hangin' on tight to  mama's jeans (a little one could get lost in a hurry here)
We enjoyed a day meandering along Grand Avenue with our kids, not a care in the world,
Just the four of us (and 250,000 others) walking, talking and enjoying our time together.


  1. I can so relate to the "Go ahead, I'll catch up." I doubt I would get anywhere once I saw those wonderful historic houses. Oh, my.

    Love the picture of the little hand gripping Mom's jean pocket.

  2. So many beautiful homes and business's to see, I actually exhausted the battery in my camera but we were at the end of our journey so I didnt panic....too much.

  3. You had the perfect day for this! I've never been, but want to! Did you spend the night up there?

  4. It was a lovely day Cheri, if you ever go make sure you put your walking shoes on :) We went up the day before for my nephews confirmation, so we stayed in Maple Grove and had dinner at my favorite restaurant Granite City :)

  5. I grew up going to Grand Old Days. One year our church had a booth and I was a clown. :) We don't go to much these days, but love going down to Grand to shop and have ice cream. :)

  6. That ice cream is so good, Grand Ave is such a fun place to visit, only been there a hand full of times myself :)

  7. Looks like a lot of fun! Cool pics as usual!