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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Going to town...

Warning.... lots of pictures were taken, and shared here

When ever we are Up North on Long Lake vacationing, 
we make time to go to town, the town being Park Rapids.
We love to browse the shops, eat at our favorites and visit the candy stores. 
Main street is unique in that cars park in the middle of the road as well as diagonal along the curbs.
 The store fronts are adorned with beautiful hanging flowers
This German restaurant has intricate details on the roof dormers 
 The Tin Ceiling... 
 a used-abit-store
 Loved how they display their old record albums
A drawer full of old utensils, I love the stenciling on the front.

Two candy store have been on opposite sides of the street for as long as I've been going to Park Rapids, I dont really have a favorite, they each seem unique in their own way...
I think "Cuzzins"has the best assortment of taffy 
bought a whole bag full, good stuff! 
 Fudge....always got to have some of this too

Then there's Aunt Belle's.... 
Best Chocolate
The beginnings of fudge,
 this big cauldron is full of butter and other yummy ingredients as the 
young lady stirs...and stirs....and stirs. "About 45 minutes for fudge" she tells me.
I passed this up, but it was hard 
They make all their chocolates

making "turtles"
Cant forget about "Ben Franklin", Love this store
Audrey just had to pick one flower, after all there are hundreds of them :)

We have a favorite eatery...
 MinneSODA Fountain
 It still has the "back-in-the-day" look
They make yummy sub sandwiches and have many many flavors of hand scooped ice cream.
 Carson is ready for some food, this was his first visit.

Hope you enjoyed my little tour of one of our favorite up north towns
I'll be posting on a NEW favorite next time...stay tuned :)


  1. Oh, Jackie, now I want to go to Park Rapids. I've been invited up there for several years now for the launch of The Talking Stick anthology, in which my poetry has been published numerous times. But I've never made the trip. This year I earned honorable mention for my short story. But, alas, the book party is the same weekend as my daughter's wedding.

    I love everything about this town from the Ben Franklin to the restaurants to the flowers. Thank you for showing me a community I want to visit.

    1. Oh, so sorry you cant make it to the book party! Maybe next year, but you really do need to visit Park Rapids sometime, I know you would like it. (there is so much more than I could mention in this post)

  2. A town I will love forever!

    1. So many great memories huh Brianna...even more fun now to share them with YOUR children :)

  3. Well, you did it! Now I'm longing for a Park Rapids getaway. Looks like you had a great time!

  4. As always...it was a great time Jill :)

  5. That is so interesting that they park in the middle of the street. I love all the shops, especially the candy shops! I can see why you love both of them. Thanks for sharing a little bit of this town with us Jackie. Have a great weekend.

  6. It's a beautifully unique town. You and your kids would love the candy store, such old-fashion kind of fun :)

  7. Audrey's outfit is SO stinkin cute!

  8. Yes, she's quite the fashion princess! She's girl who loves her clothes :)