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Monday, July 01, 2013

Hens VS. Chicks Vintage baseball

Yesterday, I ventured over to the Historical Center in SW Rochester 
to watch a game of 1860's baseball. 
Players, dressed as they would of back then and the rules of the game
 were followed as they were in 1860's. 

Fun fact: There were less than 40 written rules for baseball of the era, 
all else was left to the codes of gentlemanly behavior of the time.

The men (Roosters) were playing at 6pm, but being a veteren ball player myself I really wanted
 to watch the women play an exhibition game before the men's game.
 2 bits, is all they asked for admission, 
I had .75 in my pocket so I threw it in the dish.
The pitcher. 
Both the men and women pitch underhand.
The old....
and young came to watch the games 
batter up 
 The rooster's (men's team) were the score keepers for the women's game.

Fun Fact:  After a player scored, it was customary in 1860 vintage baseball to  have that player report to the scorer and ring the tally bell to announce the score to the throng (fans)

Some of the terms have changed since the 1800's
here are just a few...

 Throng = Fans
Artist = proficient player
Muffin = inexperienced player 
Muff = Error
Striker = Batter
Striker to the line = Batter up
Daisy cutter = sharp grounder
Four bases = Home run
Ace = Run; crossing home base

 left field player
break in the action 
 first baseman
 running for the ball
Coming off the field.....they were having fun!
Favorite photo, 
players on a old wooden bench sittin' on a quilt .


  1. Those were the god old days. We used to play ball with the neighbor kids. They used to make up the rulesm as we played. They were all older than us .

    1. Same in our day mom, make up the rules as you go.....

  2. What a fun and cute event! Was it part of a larger event? Can you imagine playing play in those long dresses with long sleeves, aprons, and bonnets? Times sure have changed. Looks like everyone was having fun. Thanks for sharing Jackie.

    1. Rachel it was part of our "rochester fest" week long event, but they do play at other times during the year. I think they were allowed to use their aprons to catch the ball in the outfield... I could have never dressed like that, ugh....too hot!

  3. The Rice County Historical Society has hosted two of these old-fashioned ball games, but not with women players. Great shots, Jackie, which totally tell the story. Fun event, wasn't it?

  4. They put on quite a show, It was a fun time for players and spectators!

  5. Love your last pic too:) I've always wanted to get to one of those games, but haven't made it yet.

  6. They are pretty entertaining, I bet Luke would get a kick out of it!