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Monday, July 22, 2013

Up and "posting" again

It's Monday and I'm grateful I didnt have to go right back to work. 
Today I've had some time to relax,  put some things in order around the house and 
run some errands after being gone a week on vacation.

This was our 1st attempt to rent a place up north for us and all our kids.
We have actually been spending time on the same lake (Long lake) for over 22 years and have so many fond memories, but our arrangements fell through 2 years ago and now we needed to start over.....
New Place....same Lake

New Frontier Resort, Park Rapids MN
We love Long lake , it's rated as one of the top cleanest lakes in MN
The beach was amazing, especially good for the little ones
The living area, plenty of room for all of us...
Or not!  (pig-pile on Gavin, on the bottom)
The upstairs was occupied by my daughter and family. 
Two big bedrooms and a bathroom. It was nice for them to have the space with the two littles
I loved the kitchen, very spacious and updated.
My one yr. old grandson loved the deer head on the wall (upper right)
 Doors out to a large deck with a gas grill.
This cabin was a perfect fit for our family. 
Four bedrooms, two baths and plenty of space  :)
~ ~ ~
On Saturday we arrived a little early and decided to head on up to the
 headwaters of the Mississippi in Itasca, only about 30 minutes from our place. 
Our daughter-in-love had never been there,
so now she has
Our son helping Jennifer to the beginning of the mississippi
 Our youngest and Rick cooling off in the ankle deep water
 ~ ~ ~
 Thought I would leave you with a few fun shots of the giant trampoline in the water
 that our kids enjoyed back at the resort....
Our daughter and granddaughter 
Our youngest catching a pass from his dad

 Little brother picking on big sister
Big sister trying to pick on little brother 
Big brother, not letting little brother on the tramp

They never stop pestering each other, no matter their age.... it's all in fun

Stay tuned for more posts on our vacation....


  1. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Looks like a beautiful resort and wonderful accommodations for family gatherings. It's always so hard to "get back to the dailies"/reality after being away but, I guess, that's what makes one really appreciate the time away!!! Hope your "re-entry" goes smoothly!! LOL!

    1. Re-entry is going well.... back to work tomorrow :)

  2. Gorgeous resort! Long Lake is lovely. Looks like you had a great time!

    1. We hope to go back next year, all depends on schedules, we really did enjoy our time there!

  3. I think it is so wonderful that your whole family could go on vacation together! The cabin looks perfect for all of you. I'm so glad you had such a great time. I try to schedule an extra day at home after vacations too, it's nice to be able to get organized before going back to the real world.

  4. With the kids grown (and 2 married) things get a little tougher to plan, but I think it went well, hopefully we'll have many more years to vacation together!

  5. Fun blog! I love the look on Brice's face as I try to push him in. I had no chance!

    1. That was a funny look, such a "Brice look"

  6. This looks like so much fun. And those photos of the "kids" picking on one another are, well, precious.

    The accommodations sound and look lovely, with the exception of the deer head. Sorry Carter.

    1. Yes, it's pretty amusing watching the kids pick on each other, They are all pretty close, I love that!