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Monday, August 19, 2013

A friend I had never met

I feel like we connected in the beginning.... 
Audrey and I , up until yesterday had never met.
(We only live about an hour from each other)
We had a "virtual" friendship in the blogging world.
We have followed each others blogs for a little over two years, 
sent emails and exchanged phone numbers,
 but until yesterday had never met face to face.
I felt a connection instantly when I read this blog post a few years ago.
Someone had alerted me to the fact that there was "a lady who writes a blog"
 and had featured a post on West Concord. 
That caught my attention because West Concord is near and dear to me.
 It's a little town where my mom grew up 
and where I spent time playing as a child on my grandma's farm.
As I continued to read Audrey's posts,
 It quickly became apparent that we had many things in common
Love of...
the country
gravel roads
old buildings, barns, churches cemeteries & school houses
photography & detail
family and church.
We are both mom's of 3 grown children, we love to read, tend our flowers and "blog"

FINALLY, yesterday we were able to meet at my house, 
Audrey and her husband Randy were in town and stopped by for a much anticipated visit
 with myself and Rick...."see Rick she really does exist".
I felt like we have known each other for a long time yet we only touched the surface. 
It was great to finally met this lovely lady and her husband. 

Audrey is a writer, a published poet and very good with her camera! 
She grew up a farmgirl in SW Minnesota and many of her blog posts reflect her love of the prairie.
I encourage you all to Check out Audrey's blog Minnesota Prairie Roots
I know I'm glad I did  :)


  1. Oh, Jackie, you are so sweet. Randy and I loved the hour we spent with you and Rick. Thank you for letting us pop in with only a few minutes notice. I feel the same about you, that we've always been connected because of our shared values and interests.

    You and Rick are the best. And the two bonuses of our visit were meeting Audrey and Gavin.

    It was interesting to read how you initially found my blog. I couldn't recall, so thank you for referencing that West Concord post.

    So happy to have FINALLY met you in person.

    1. Stop by anytime you are in Rochester Audrey, the timing was perfect!

    2. Likewise here, Jackie. My door is always open to you and your family.

  2. Wow that is great for you two to finally meet face to face.

  3. Anonymous7:10 PM

    So cool! Someday (after a certain wedding), when our days slow a bit, Audrey, DH, myself and DH hope to do the same. Great post! Hugs......

    1. Luckily Audrey was right in my town, her and Randy were kind enough to make time in their busy schedule to stop by, It was a lovely visit, I hope you get to meet Audrey soon, she's worth the wait :)

    2. You two are just the sweetest. Yes, after that "certain wedding," Doreen.

      We were in Rochester again last evening, Jackie, to get the last van full of the son's belongings. But this time it was late and we simply headed out on 52. Some road construction there, too, BTW.

  4. Love it! So cool to connect with a fellow blogger in person!

    1. We have been close but were never able to connect, we were thrilled to finally meet this weekend.

  5. So cool that you got to meet Audrey! And that she got to meet the other Audrey :)

  6. yes... and yes :)

  7. Gotta love the connections possible with the web!

  8. This one turned out to be a Gem!, I knew it would :)