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Thursday, August 08, 2013

I've become "Great"

Another Generation makes me a "great"... 

A little over a month ago my sweet niece Megan and her hubby Josh
asked me to take some "pregnancy" photo's of her before their first baby was born. 
I felt honored to oblige.
click here to see mama & daddy to-be

2 weeks ago little Abigail joy was born.... 
my great-niece
Which make me a Great Aunt, (a new title for me)
I finally got to hold this little darling in my arms this week, she is precious.
 Seems like only yesterday I was holding her mama Megan
We were neighbors in Kasson, when Megan (MJ) was born, my oldest brothers daughter.
My daughter was born 3 1/2 month after megan, 
cousin's, neighbors and best friends all at the same time.
They remain close to this day
Megan and Brianna  (3 1/2 months apart)
~ ~ ~ 
Then came the other....
one week after little Abby, came another little girl , Kiruna Jo
My 2nd great-niece within a week 
 Born to my oldest Nephew Jamey (Megan brother) and his wife Kate, 
I'm anxiously waiting to meet this little one, hopefully soon!

I'm so happy for my Brother and sis-in-love, new grandparents to 2 little girls, how fun it'll be for them to watch these two sweet girls grow up together.  
Love these new additions to our growing family.
I'm just feeling so..... GREAT !


  1. Now I have 4 beautiful great grand kids. Wish the two new ones lived closer.

    1. Mom, can you believe your grandkids are having kids.....crazy stuff!

  2. Congratulations to the entire family, and especially Jackie the Great. What sweet little girls. So cute and precious.

    1. Hey, I kinda like that....Jackie the great I shall be :)

  3. Love that they are so close in age ... like their mommas!

    1. Instant playmates for family gatherings :)