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Monday, September 02, 2013

230,000 miles later....

We bought our Honda Odyssey 14 years ago.... 
230,000 miles ago
It served us well and many memories were involved with this trusty mini-van
Soccer mom
Football mom... 
There is no smell comparable to 5 adolescent boys in full football gear after a double session practice sitting in the back of the van, but hey those are memories, and I will cherish them like all the others...
Two spring beak trips down to florida
one family ski trip to Colorado
many many camping trips
Moving furniture for both married children and countless other wonderful memories.
We loved this van, it served us well! 
With 230.000 miles and things staring to deteriorate we decided  a few months ago to tinker with the idea of replacing it with a car that will match our life style now. We are now more in tune to a comfortable ride, Good gas mileage and "cool factor" practicality.

Friday we received a call from our car dealer Dean,
" We just got a car off the truck that is a match for what your looking for"
Saturday evening we became the proud owners of a brand new
2013 Hyundai Santa fe

 You cant buy a car without checking out the engine....and kicking the tires  :)

 Lots of paper work

The key flips out like a switchblade  :)
Remember It's been 14 years since we last purchase a car, we are not used to the fancy features that this car has to offer. With the van we actually had to put the key in the car door to unlock it, now we can just push a button, the headlights come on, and shut off automatically. I can make a phone call by pushing a button on the steering wheel, then use voice commands to call the person I want  to talk to.
I wont bore you with all the other crazy things this car is equipped with, lets just say things have really come a long way in 14 years.

 Proud owners

Looks good in the driveway...feeling blessed


  1. Sharp wheels with plenty of cool factor!🚙

    1. Thanks Cheri, I feel a little out of my element, but I'm sure it wont take long to get used to my new ride :)

  2. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Oooh la la, Jackie! Love it! Very sharp!

    1. Thanks jac', it's pretty sweet :)

  3. Your new wheels look great. Since we still have years of moving the kids, we'll hang onto the trusty second-hand van we purchased a few years ago. The kids wondered why we got a van, but whenever they need to move, they know why.

  4. We will miss our van in so many ways, but we've moved on and were glad to be able to get a trade-in since it was getting to the point of needing more repairs etc. It's nice that you have a live in mechanic, I'm sure Randy does a great job of keeping your van running....Lucky you :) Luckily our two oldest are pretty set and wont be moving anytime soon. :) Hope you had a nice Labor day weekend

    1. Yes, Randy has saved us countless dollars on our vehicles, that's for sure. We have many moving years ahead of us. But someday we will be where you and Rick are and we can ditch the van.