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Monday, October 21, 2013

He stole her heart....

Seven years ago today....

 Our first child married the one who stole her heart
We loved him from the beginning

They first met as co-workers at Culvers...the rest is history  :)
(Stole this photo from my daughters files, sorry for the blurriness)

Started dating her junior year of college
 Not hard to tell these two were young and in love

They are a sweet couple with opposite personalities, but with personalities that work together 
Opposites Attract...right! 

 It makes us happy to see them happy!

Taken at my Nephews wedding, 
This make me smile!

One of my favorites

4 1/2 years ago they gave us a beautiful gift, our first grandchild, Audrey
 then 16 months ago we got our 2nd grandbaby, Carson!
These two make beautiful babies!

Happy 7th Anniversary you two!
We are so proud of you both,
we wish you many more year of joy
Love you Chris & Brianna

Mom & Dad


  1. Happy anniversary, Chris and Brianna! Love these images, Jackie. I most definitely can see the love b/n these two. And those grandchildren are just adorable. I mean, look at them.

  2. Thanks Audrey, they are a lovely couple, and yes the babies are adorable :)

  3. The faces on those kids just make me laugh. Love them all.

    1. Brianna is actually tickling Carson's leg to make him smile....worked out good :)

  4. I love how you have posted about your children's love stories. These are such sweet stories and beautiful photos! The family photo is precious and your grandchildren are adorable!

  5. Thanks Rachel, they are pretty sweet kids....all of them :)

  6. Thanks for the sweet post Mom! I somehow got way behind on blog checking! love it!

  7. I know you have nothing better to do than check blogs :) Love you!