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Saturday, October 05, 2013

I look forward to this trip every fall....

Our annual Fall get-away starts with a two night stay in Duluth

There's always the old stand-by sights...
The William A. Irvin
down by the harbor
 cant forget the aerial lift bridge

We visited three different sites this time, things we have never seen
didn't even know existed, two of them I'm featuring in this post...

 Park point
The longest freshwater sandbar in the world
the sand reminds me of california beaches

 Just had to get my feet in the water

 We walked....
 and we relaxed
~ ~ ~
I had remembered reading something about a Leif Erikson Park
so I plugged it into my GPS and we were so glad we did. 
Monument of Leif Erikson

 The rose gardens made up a large part of the park
200 varieties of roses are represented in the rose gardens
 it was an amazing site

The park is situated along Duluths Lake Walk,
 so we also took advantage of a long walk...
along the lake

My next post will feature the 3rd site we visited for the first time.


  1. Glad you had your adventure.

  2. Your photos look like postcards. Picture perfect. Just beautiful.

    I've been to both places you featured here. But the weather was not near as lovely on those visits.

    1. We were really lucky with the weather. I think there is probably more to discover in Duluth, we just got to go looking.

  3. Love the rose gardens. We visited on one of our early anniversary trips. I'm surprised they were still blooming this late in the fall.

    1. I was surprised that they were still blooming as well, we were reading some literature on the roses and it said they bloom from May through October, They showed no signs of dying :)

  4. Beautiful rose garden! Did it smell lovely?

    1. It was lovely in everyway!

  5. Beautiful rose garden! Did it smell lovely?